Connecting Communication Channels Course

As a holistic practitioner or teacher, have you been thinking “I wish I could really narrow in on my clients’ or students’ needs by being aware of subtle cues that would guide me to quickly and easily identify the best approach to their healing or learning”?

Would you like to learn strategies to connect with your clients authentically?

The Connecting Communication Channels© course offers SIX specific communication channels that support your client connection and interactions. Think of how having these skills would offer you a variety of strategies to effectively work with clients and students.

I have to admit
that when I first started working with clients, I was not as effective or as efficient as I could have been. I was so busy thinking about how I could be the ‘best’ that I could be that often I missed a real connection with my clients and I think I missed allowing my authentic self to be fully present in my interactions.

Over the forty years that I have been in practice, as a nurse and then as a holistic practitioner, I was fortunate to have many wonderful mentors who supported the development of my communication skills. In addition, my clients taught me how to really listen and respond to their unique needs. I also took many communications courses and became a trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. All of these experiences have led me to where I am today; a practitioner who shows up as her authentic self, who connects with her clients from a heart-centered place, and allows the wisdom of her Higher Self guide her in interactions with clients. I am truly grateful for all that I have learned and experienced and I want to pass on a distilled version of my life’s learnings through this course. The six connecting communication channels are the essence of what I use in my professional and my personal life. They have supported me in my work with clients, with students, friends, and family. These strategies are gifts of wisdom and experience that have been given to me and it is my desire to pass these gifts on to other holistic practitioners so they can build on what I have learned.

Would you say that: you are ready to move your communication skills up a notch? You want to show up as the authentic you in your holistic practice? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, then you could be ready to join me on this journey of exploration and discovery into the Connecting Communication Channels.

This Connecting Communication Channels course offers you theory and practical experience with the six Connecting Communication Channels. You will have weekly sessions that include foundational information and practice sessions. In addition, three – 3 hour group coaching sessions provide the context for deepening you skill in these Communication Channels. The small group environment provides you with supportive feedback that enables you to integrate these skills into your personal repertoire. Click Here to see 2022 course schedule

Pre-requisites for this course include that you...

  • Are holistic practitioner who is interested enhancing your communication skills
  • Have a desire to identify your clients and/or students specific needs in an authentic and effective manner.
  • Are committed to practicing these 6 Connecting Communication Channels so you get comfortable with them and begin to incorporate these skills into your holistic practice.

Course Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course you will know how to:

  1. Use the client’s preferred communication channel to identify and address the client’s needs.

  2. Use the 6 connecting communication channels in an authentic manner to provide an environment in which the client feels comfortable and supported in sharing her/his specific

  3. Through ongoing practice, integrate the 6 Connecting Communication Channels into your communication repertoire.

Course Timeline:

This course is offered in the Winter and Fall of 2022. Click here to view the course schedule for upcoming courses.

To register and pay for the course, click link below: 

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