Foundations of Therapeutic Touch® Course

Foundations of Therapeutic Touch® Course

Are you interested in learning how to support the health and well-being of yourself and your family using a natural approach to healing?

Therapeutic Touch® is an energy practice that is simple and easy to learn, all you need is an openness to learning and a desire to help others.

Therapeutic Touch® is a natural approach to health and well-being that can be practiced by anyone who is open to learning and is motivated to help others. 

Are you concerned about your health and the health of your family during these uncertain times? Would learning a gentle and powerful process that you can use in the comfort of your own home, be of interest to you?

Imagine what it would be like to know that you have a process that is literally ‘at your fingertips’; a process that you can use where ever you are and whenever you need it. Think how your life could be less stressful because you experience comfort and ease in knowing that there is something that you can do to support the ongoing well-being of yourself and everyone in your family.

When I first learned Therapeutic Touch (TT), over 37 years ago, I didn’t realize how this practice would change my life personally and professionally. In my day-to-day practice, as a nurse working in acute care settings, I found that TT provided me with a skill that offered the wonderful benefits of promoting relaxation, supporting comfort, and reducing pain. As I learned how to be centered, not just when I was offering TT but also as I took this skill into my everyday life, I found that life flowed more smoothly for me and the ‘little’ things were less bothersome. 

The Foundations of Therapeutic Touch® course is the first course in the National Therapeutic Touch curriculum that provides the knowledge and skills to offer this trademarked, energy practice. This course equips you with the knowledge and skills to offer Therapeutic Touch (TT) to yourself, your family, and friends. During this online course you will practice TT with a person in your own personal ‘safe’ bubble and become comfortable with offering TT. Click here to view the dates for upcoming Foundations courses

Let me introduce myself:

Hi, my name is Chery Ann Hoffmeyer and I have been practicing Therapeutic Touch since 1984 and teaching TT since 1988. I am a qualified TT practitioner and teacher in both Canada and the United States. In my practice I have offered TT to a wide range of individuals including newborn babies, mothers during pregnancy and labor and delivery, surgical patients, and seniors.  I had the wonderful privilege to study with, and be mentored by, the co-founders of TT, Dora Kunz, an intuitive healer and Dr. Dolores Krieger Ph.D., a nurse and university professor, for more than 30 years. I consider it an honor and a privilege to share this amazing healing practice with you.

As a nurse I was very aware that some people were comfortable with being touched and others would withdraw from physical contact. In nursing we carry out procedures that most often involve physical contact with the ‘patient’. I was curious to find out if there was something that I could understand and do that would help people feel more comfortable, was there something I could offer them that would help them to relax?

What I discovered, when I learned Therapeutic Touch is that I became more relaxed and in turn the ‘patient’ became more relaxed making the procedures more comfortable for them. I also found that I could use TT in a variety of situations to ease discomfort and pain. For example, mothers in labor could be helped to relax and feel more comfortable with their contractions, which facilitated the progress of labor and delivery. When I used TT with patients who had surgery, TT eased their pain experience and helped them to be more comfortable as well as support the healing process. Because TT is offered with the hands of the TT practitioner, I was always ready to offer TT whenever there was a need. I have offered TT spontaneously to family and friends including people with a headache, or a sport injury during a hockey or soccer game, or when one of our boys was unable to relax and fall asleep at night. I found that the more that I practiced TT the more I felt a solid connection with people. Therapeutic Touch isn’t just something that I do, it has become a way of life, what I have learned with TT is what I offer to the world.  

I am honored to share this gentle, powerful, and versatile practice with people who are interested in learning this natural approach to helping others. In this Foundations course you will learn the process of Therapeutic Touch and develop the basic skills to offer TT to your family and friends, as well as how to use it for your own self-care. If you are interested in supporting the health and well-being of yourself, your family, and friends, then this course is for you.

In the Foundations of Therapeutic Touch® course you will learn to:

  1. Center yourself during the TT process.
  2. Offer the five phases of the TT process to a healing partner.
  3. Apply foundational theory and assumptions of the TT process.

The Foundations course offers you 12 hours of theory, experiential exercises, and practice sessions to integrate the theory into your TT practice. A variety of teaching and learning strategies, question and answer sessions, group activities, audiovisuals, and practical exercises, are incorporated throughout the course. You receive a Foundations Workbook that outlines the specific theoretical foundations of TT and handouts to support practice activities.


  • An openness to learning TT
  • A desire to help others
  • One or two ‘guest models’ in your personal safe bubble to whom you can offer TT to during the course and the one-on-one final assessment
  • Submission of the completed Course Registration form
  • Full payment of the course fee
  • Completed Pre-Course Questionnaire

Click here to view the specific dates for upcoming Foundations courses

As an ADDED BONUS, you have the opportunity to participate in two, one-hour follow-up sessions to support your ongoing integration of what you have learned and practiced.

Upon successful completion of the final assessment, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for the Foundations course.

Here is what a course participant shared about her experience in the Foundations of Therapeutic Touch course:

“I was REALLY excited for the course to begin. During the weekend course, the days were full and there needed to be a full commitment to take everything in. Chery Ann organized the days very well with theory, activities, and body breaks. I was able to rest and renew and come back to the sessions eager to continue. And it was fun!”

"My take away is that one is never too old to pursue an interest and make my own life and the lives of my loved ones and friends...better than it was the day before.”

It is important to commit to being fully present during this course so you can integrate the information and skills to effectively offer Therapeutic Touch to self and others. Here is what G.T. said about her experience with myself as the course facilitator:

“Chery Ann is a very intuitive, perceptive teacher and facilitator. She has a wonderful way of sharing thoughts and giving examples that allow her students to pick up new ways of knowing and learning about the human energy field and healing in its many forms. Her outlook on life and learning is positive and her comments are welcomed and received in such a good way. She is accepting, loving and encourages us to learn more and be more”.

This Foundations course provides you with the opportunity to develop an understanding of the TT process and to develop the skills needed to offer a TT session to self and others.

Course Fee: 

The course fee of $210 CDN and is paid in full when your registration is successfully completed and accepted.

ADDITIONAL BONUS: This fee comes with a paid membership to the Therapeutic Touch Network of Alberta (TTNA) for the year in which the course is successfully completed. This bonus applies to all new members to TTNA.

You might be concerned that only ‘gifted’ people could learn to offer Therapeutic Touch (TT), however, the reality is that we all have the ability to learn and offer TT. The key pre-requisites for this course are that you have a desire to help others, that you are open to learning, and willing to practice the TT process.

The Therapeutic Touch process consists of five easy to learn phases. The wide variety of experiential activities throughout the course and offering of multiple TT practice sessions, provide you with first-hand experiences to develop beginning skills in offering TT.  The opportunity to share your experiences and ask clarifying questions, further support the integration of your learnings into your practice of TT. You will be guided through the learning process as you develop confidence in your ability to offer TT to others.

In this 12 hour course you learn the foundational skills to offer Therapeutic Touch to yourself, your family, and your friends. Through layered learning experiences, you become comfortable with offering TT to others as you practice with your in-home TT guest model.

Click here to register for the Foundations of Therapeutic Touch® course. When you have completed the registration form, including the name of the one or two, in-person guests you will be offering TT to during the course, you will receive email notification that your registration application has been received.

Therapeutic Touch offers you a natural approach to support your health and healing. Give yourself this precious gift as you explore, learn, and practice this gentle and powerful energy practice.  I look forward to beginning this amazing Therapeutic Touch journey with you.

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With Gratitude,

Chery Ann Hoffmeyer Ph.D., RTTT, QTTT
Director, CHHS


If you have additional questions, please feel free to email me at:

If you are interested in having this natural approach to well-being available to you when you want and need it, an approach that offers a sense of peacefulness and relaxation, and that supports that body’s innate healing capacity, then click this link to register for this course.