Holistic Teaching Success Practicum Course


The Holistic Teaching Success Practicum provides a safe, supportive environment for holistic practitioners to practice teaching their holistic course. Students will have opportunities to teach segments of their course to their peer teachers, receive verbal and written feedback throughout the course, and receive support and guidance from peer teachers and the course facilitator as they gain confidence in teaching. When practitioners participate as a ‘student’ for their peer teachers they will expand their teaching repertoire as they experience the teaching strategies of other teaching peers. Students will develop skills in providing supportive feedback that they can use with the students in their course. Click here to view the dates for upcoming holistic teaching success practicum courses


  • Successful completion of the HOLISTIC TEACHING SUCCESS ROADMAP Course #2
  • A Complete Teaching Plan for the course you want to teach.

Imagine what it will be like when …

...you offer your course and you feel confident in your ability to offer your students an experience that will be focused, clear, inviting, and fun, as they learn their holistic practice. As you offer your course in a manner that reflects your unique experiences, stories, and style, offer the best of you, know that through this modeling process that you will support your students in being the ‘best’ practitioners that they can be. How wonderful is that?!

Let me introduce myself:

Hi, my name is Chery Ann Hoffmeyer and I have been a holistic practitioner since 1984 and have been teaching a variety of holistic courses since 1988. I was a post-secondary educator for over 40 years and love working with students to support their development of knowledge and skills to help others. I taught nursing students for over 27 years and for 13 years I was the Chair of and full-time Instructor in, a Holistic Health Practitioner program. In the Holistic program I taught students who were wanted to work as holistic practitioners offering a variety of natural healing practices to their clients. I have a clinical nurse specialty in maternal-fetal nursing and have done qualitative and quantitative clinical research. My passion is supporting students learning in a heart-centered, compassionate way. I believe that working with students, in partnership, is the best strategy to support successful outcomes. The strategies that I have developed for teaching and supporting student learning over my 40+ years of practicing and teaching are offered to you as you develop your teaching skills in this course.

In the Holistic Teaching Success Practicum course you will…

  1. Implement segments of your course teaching plan in a safe, supportive environment.
  2. Design a written feedback form for your course students.
  3. Identify specific feedback criteria for your ‘practice’ teaching sessions.
  4. Receive specific verbal feedback on your presentations from peer teachers and the course facilitator so you can refine your teaching strategies.
  5. Receive written feedback on your course presentations from peer teachers and the course facilitator so you can refine your teaching strategies.
  6. Increase your confidence re teaching your course.


Click here to see the dates for upcoming Holistic Teaching Success Practicum courses.

Course Fee:

The Holistic Teaching Success Practicum course fee is $497. During this course you will have direct contact with the course facilitator, ongoing feedback as you present segments of your course teaching plan, and group teaching sessions where you will gain even greater confidence in you teaching style and strategies.

A $30 cancellation fee will be charge for cancellations prior to the registration deadline. There are no refunds after the registration deadline.

Enrollment Opening Soon!

Be the first to know when registration opens for the next session!


Be first to know when registration opens for the next session of Holistic Teaching Success Practicum!!


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