Inner Processes of Therapeutic Touch® Course

Have you successfully completed the Transpersonal Nature of Therapeutic Touch (TT) course and are ready to focus on inner work to support your practice of TT?

Therapeutic Touch® is a transpersonal process that involves energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual interactions with the healing partner.


Do find yourself ‘searching’ for energetic information from the healing partner during your Therapeutic Touch® sessions? Do you want to connect more with your intuitive sense and ‘know’ that how you are responding to the healing partner’s HEF is this the ‘best way’ to respond in that moment?

If you have 3 to 6 months, or more, of regular Therapeutic Touch® (TT) practice following successful completion of the Transpersonal course, and the desire to enhance your TT practice by being more connected to your intuition, then this course is for you.

Imagine enhancing your TT skills in an environment where the learning process is supported and you receive feedback from the course facilitator and your peers. In this learner focused, holistic learning environment you will enhance the TT practice skills you have already developed, and experience ongoing support as you offer and receive online, distance TT.

When I first learned Therapeutic Touch, I focused on the ‘technique’ of the process, and yet I saw more advanced practitioners offering so much more than I was capable of offering at this point in my TT practice. I wanted to feel more confident in receiving information from the healing partner’s field, and trusting the guidance I received so I  knew how to respond intuitively to the needs of the healing partner. In addition, I had family members at a distance, and I wanted to learn more about offering TT from a distance. I knew there was more that I could learn about offering TT, and I was eager to move forward and expand my skills.

What I learned was that my own personal growth and development was the key to accessing my intuitive abilities and connecting with the nonlocal mind. As I explored and incorporated a variety of self-healing, self-care practices, my intuitive perceptions became more clear during my TT sessions. I learned to trust and be guided by this intuitive information and this resulted in transformations for the healing partner that I hadn’t experienced before my consistent commitment to my personal growth. After all these years of TT practice, I continue to grow and learn with each TT session; each session is unique to that moment in time and offers new understandings and new ways of being in the world. I am so grateful for all the wonderful gifts that this practice has brought to my life and to the lives of those with whom I have had the privilege of sharing the experience of TT.  

The Inner Processes of Therapeutic Touch® course is the third and final course in the TTNC Therapeutic Touch National curriculum. The Inner Processes course builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in the previous TT courses as well as the experiences and insights gained from regular TT practice. The participant’s TT practice is expanded through a focus on the inner processes of TT, connection with one’s inner self, and connection with the nonlocal field. Contemplative practices facilitate the practitioner’s self-inquiry and self-awareness, facilitating guidance by one’s inner wisdom. Participants increase their awareness of their shifts in consciousness during the TT process and how these shifts are responsive to the healing partner’s (HP’s) energy field. Through the dialogue process meanings of the TT experience for both the HP and the TT practitioner are explored.  

Join us for a wonderful opportunity to enhance your TT practice and strengthen your intuitive connection.

Course Facilitator: Dr. Chery Ann Hoffmeyer, PhD, RTTT (PTTN), QTTT (NH-PAI)

Hi, my name is Chery Ann Hoffmeyer and I have been practicing Therapeutic Touch since 1984 and teaching TT since 1988. I am a qualified TT practitioner and teacher in both Canada and the United States and I teach all three of the National curriculum courses. In my TT practice I have offered TT to a wide range of individuals including newborn babies; mothers during pregnancy, postpartum, and labor and delivery; surgical patients; seniors; family and friends.  I had the wonderful privilege to be mentored by the co-founders of TT, Dora Kunz, an intuitive healer and Dr. Dolores Krieger Ph.D., a nurse and university professor. Therapeutic Touch has been an incredible gift to me personally and professionally and I want to pass on what I have learned to others.

What I have learned from my ongoing practice of Therapeutic Touch®:

Throughout the years of my ongoing practice of TT, I discovered that as I practiced Therapeutic Touch regularly and incorporated experiences with meditation, mindfulness, journaling, and self-reflection into my daily life, that my intuitive sense was enhanced and there was a deeper knowing that surfaced. As I have grown in my practice of Therapeutic Touch, I have learned to allow the information from the healing partner’s field to present itself to me and to be guided by the needs of the healing partner’s field as rebalancing of the energy field occurs. TT is an inherent part of my day-to-day life, a way of being in the world, it has become a lifeway for me.   

I consider it an honor to continue to support the learning and practice of this gentle, powerful, and versatile practice with people who have learned the practice of TT and want to enhance their ability to help others. In this Inner Processes course you will learn to clearly connect with your inner wisdom and the needs of the healing partner. You will learn to receive information from the field and ‘know’ how to respond in a manner the addresses the needs in that moment. The TT process will become more intuitive as you relax into the process and truly ‘know’ the best way to respond to the healing partner in the moment.

What you will experience in the Inner Processes course:

The Inner Processes course will offer you 20 hours of theory, experiential exercises, and practice sessions to integrate the theory into your TT practice.  You will develop skills and strategies that facilitate connection with your intuitive sense.  In addition, you will offer and receive online, distance TT with peers. Through layered learning experiences you refine and enhance your offering of the TT process.

In the Inner Processes of Therapeutic Touch® course you will:

1. Engage in contemplative practices which deepen your knowledge and awareness of the inner self.

2. Describe that relationship between practitioner’s shifts in consciousness as they relate to the phases of the TT process.

3. Provide TT sessions with the compassionate intent to help the healing partner.

4. Apply your understandings of the transpersonal nature of TT to the development of your TT practice.

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A variety of teaching and learning strategies, question and answer sessions, group activities, audiovisuals, and practical exercises, are incorporated throughout the course. You receive an Inner Processes Workbook that outlines the specific theoretical foundations of the Inner Process of TT and handouts for specific inner process activities that facilitate conscious awareness of self and the nonlocal mind. Completion of a personal reflective journal, a summary of what you have learned, and the relevance to your ongoing TT will be submitted after at least one month of ongoing contemplative practice and offering TT sessions.

As a BONUS, you will have the opportunity to participate in one, two-hour follow-up session to support your ongoing integration of what you have learned and practiced.

Upon successful completion of these online course requirements including written TT session CARER notes, a personal Reflective Journal, and your completed course feedback form, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for the Inner Processes course.

It is important to commit to being fully present during this course so you can integrate the information and skills to effectively offer Therapeutic Touch to others. Here is what G.T. said about her experience in one of the TT courses that I facilitated:

(G.T.) “Chery Ann is a very intuitive, perceptive teacher and facilitator. She has a wonderful way of sharing thoughts and giving examples that allow her students to pick up new ways of knowing and learning about the human energy field and healing in its many forms. Her outlook on life and learning is positive and her comments are welcomed and received in such a good way. She is accepting, loving and encourages us to learn more and be more”.

Course Fee:

The fee for this course is $320, to be paid in full upon registration. The registration fee includes the course workbook and handouts, sent to you electronically. Registration is limited to 8 participants, so be sure to register early to ensure you have a place reserved for you in this course. The small number of participants ensures that you receive the support you need to take your TT practice to the next level as you clearly connect with your intuitive sense.

ADDED BONUS: You will receive individual feedback on your written TT session CARER notes that offer insights into your ‘growing edges’ in your TT practice.

Upon successful completion of all the course requirements you will receive a Certificate of Completion for the Inner Processes of TT course of 20 hours. This Certificate of Completion is recognized in Canada and the U.S.

Therapeutic Touch provides you with a gift that you can offer others to support their health and healing. In addition, you give yourself a gift that supports your personal and professional growth and development.  I look forward to continuing your Therapeutic Touch journey with you.

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With Gratitude,

Chery Ann Hoffmeyer Ph.D., RTTT, QTTT
Inner Processes Course Facilitator


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If you are ready to enhance your Therapeutic Touch skills and clearly connect with your intuitive self, I encourage you to register now because there are only 8 spots available. Click this link to register for the Inner Processes course.