Therapeutic Touch® Practitioner Mentorship Program

Therapeutic Touch® Practitioner Mentorship Program

Are you a Therapeutic Touch® practitioner who wants to develop personally and professionally?  This program provides you with a supportive environment in which you grow and learn with your peers. If you are ready to do the work, personally and professionally, to refine your TT skills, then this Online, 6-Month Mentorship program could be for you.

This six month Therapeutic Touch® Practitioner Mentorship program provides you with monthly group education and mentoring sessions that support your growth as an individual and enhance your TT knowledge and skills. With ongoing feedback, you will be supported in developing the skills that you need to apply for Recognized TT Practitioner (RTTP) status in Canada, or Qualified TT Practitioner (QTTP) status, in the United States. You even receive two, one-on-one mentoring sessions during the program.

Imagine what it will be like when you have the confidence in offering TT to a wide variety of clients, in-person, online distance, and distance, as you respond consciously, easily, and effortlessly, in the present moment, to the needs of the Healing Partner (Hp). This mentoring experience provides you with the support that you need to move your TT practice to the level of a more experienced and confident practitioner. This program supports you in building on the skills you have already developed, so that you are consciously offering your TT sessions from a sustained centered place that is gently and dynamically connected to the needs of the Hp.

Let me introduce myself:

Hi, my name is Chery Ann Hoffmeyer and I have been practicing Therapeutic Touch since 1984 and teaching TT since 1988. I am a qualified TT practitioner and TT teacher in both Canada and the United States. In my TT practice I have worked with a wide variety of clients and have seen the significant impact that TT can have on the health and well-being of others and on myself. I have also seen how my dedication to my personal growth has impacted the quality of the TT sessions that I offer.

I had the wonderful opportunity to be mentored by the co-founders of TT, Dr. Dolores Krieger and Dora Kunz, over a 30 year time span. They both encouraged and challenged me to become the best TT practitioner that I could be, and to continue to learn and grow throughout my life. It is those learning and growing experiences that have brought me to where I am today. I benefited personally from their mentoring, as I grew in my understanding of how I received energetic information and responded to it, allowing me to be grounded in everyday living, to go with the flow of life, and to be aware of my intuitive self. Professionally I became aware of the nuances of how I received and responded to the Human Energy Field (HEF) of the Hp during TT sessions. These ongoing interactions with my mentors supported the development of my confidence in what I was offering in my TT practice and these interactions were empowering, as I discovered and evolved personally and professionally. As a result of their mentoring, TT has become more than something that I offer, it has become a way of being in the world, TT has become a lifeway for me. It is my desire to ‘pay it forward’ by supporting other TT practitioners in their learning and growing with their TT practice. I want you to experience the wonderful benefits, personally and professionally, that I found with my mentoring experiences.

Here is how my students have described their experiences in my courses:

“Chery Ann is a very intuitive, perceptive teacher and facilitator. She has a wonderful way of sharing thoughts and giving examples that allow her students to pick up new ways of knowing and learning about the human energy field and healing in its many forms. Her outlook on life and learning is positive and her comments are welcomed and received in such a good way. She is accepting, loving and leaves us to be encouraged to learn more and be more.” (G.T.)

"Chery Ann is calm, she is wise and I trusted her. Through experience with the dialogue process, her ability to reflect back, and her authentic presence, she brought a level of intimacy to the group that allowed us to be as open as we wished, and to share as intimately with each other as we wanted."(Barbara Johnson)

"Upon meeting Chery Ann on the first day, her warmth and ease made me feel welcomed and comfortable. Her voice and manner of speaking made me feel at ease and I knew that I would be alright...My key takeaway from the mentorship program was that ”When we connect with our inner self-love, we can co-create harmony and healing with others.” (S.T-S)


The Therapeutic Touch® Practitioner Mentorship Program provides you with education, support, with a ‘guide on the side’ who provides the scaffold with which you can resonate and refine your TT skills. The compassionate, heart-centered approach that Chery Ann offers in the group mentoring sessions allows you to access the wisdom that lies within you as you develop strategies that support your ongoing TT practice. If you are committed to doing the work that will support the growth of your whole being and the growth of your TT practice, then this program is for you. Click here to view the specific dates for the 2023 TT Practitioner Mentorship program

In the Therapeutic Touch® Practitioner Mentorship Program you will

  1. expand your foundational knowledge of TT
  2. develop strategies that support your ongoing TT practice
  3. share your TT experiences, successes and challenges, in a supportive group environment
  4. refine your TT skills as you consistently offer a variety of TT sessions throughout the program
  5. receive ongoing feedback and support as you document your TT practice sessions in your CARER notes/li>
  6. use contemplative practices that support your ongoing personal and professional development

The Practitioner Mentorship Program offers you 20 hours of group education and mentoring plus two, half-hour, one-on-one mentoring sessions, to support you in enhancing and refining your TT practice. A total of 21 hours of direct experiences with the program mentor.


  • Membership in a TT organization in your country
  • Successful completion of the Foundations of TT (12 hours) and the Transpersonal Aspects of TT (16 hours) courses
  • If you want to apply for Practitioner Status you will need to complete The Inner Processes of TT course prior to submitting your application and complete all of the Practitioner Status requirements in your country


Click here to view the specific dates for the 2023 TT Practitioner Mentorship program


Course Fee:

The course fee is only $400 CDN with a registration deadline of December 30, 2022

This fee includes:

  1. Monthly, 3 hour group education and mentoring sessions
  2. Feedback and support in the completion of 8 written CARER notes per month
  3. 1 - ½ hour, one-on-one mentoring session the week of January 10th to draw up your Practitioner Mentorship Agreement
  4. 1 - ½ hour one-on-one mentoring session the week of June 20th to identify your specific outcomes of the program and your ‘next steps
  5. 1 - ½ hour opportunity to offer TT with the program mentor

When your payment is received by the early bird deadline of November 30, 2022 you will receive the following BONUS: Unlimited access to my online ‘Go for your Goals’ course, a wonderful way to begin the New Year!

If you are ready to register Click here

You might be wondering if you are ready to take this next step in your TT journey…and I would invite you to allow yourself to go to that place of stillness, that place of inner peace where compassion resides, where your Inner Self resides…and ask the question: “Is this the right ‘next step’ for me? Is this the right time?” Allow the answer to come in its true, pure form, from your Inner Self, and you will know. If there is fear or doubt coming up, know that you will be supported all along the way, I will be there for you.

Here is what some of my students say about what was gained personally, through my courses:

"I have definitely found myself to be in a different level of awareness and I would say even more present now as I live my life. I have more confidence in me and also know that I can help myself and others with a renewed level of joy and ‘knowing’."

"This course allowed me to open up my heart more and share my learning and longing to help others in a way that works for me. I listen more…to hear. I see more, and I know myself even more."

When you decide that this is the program for you now and you decide to continue this journey of personal growth and discovery, I ask that you make a commitment to yourself to consistently do the work as TT becomes an integral part of your life. Know that your desired transformation is yours to have as you show up, be present, and do the work!

When your decision is ‘yes’ Click here to apply for the Therapeutic Touch® Practitioner Mentorship program and you will receive a program Application form. When you have submitted the completed Application form, you will receive email notification that your Application has been received.

When all of the pre-requisites have been met, including submission of your TT course Certificates of Completion, your Application is reviewed and you are accepted into the program, you will receive email notification of your Acceptance.

I look forward to supporting you in your growing and learning with TT.

With Gratitude,

Chery Ann Hoffmeyer Ph.D., RTTT, QTTT
Director, CHHS


If you have additional questions, please feel free to email me at:

If you are ready to enhance your TT practice knowledge and skills, click this link to apply for the 2023 program.

If the timing for the 2023 course doesn’t work for you, you can have your name placed on a waitlist for 2024 by clicking this link and be the first to be notified of the opening date for that program